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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have football experience to join?

No. We pride ourselves on our coaches’ abilities to teach the game of football, from sound fundamentals to strong sportsmanship. Prior football experience or knowledge is always helpful, but not a requirement. 

What are the rules for this league?

The HIGFFL follows the rules set down by the NGFFL with a few exceptions. The rule book can be found here.

Do I have to be LGBTQ+ to participate in the league?

No. While our league was founded on the fundamental goal of breaking down stereotypes associated with LBGTQ+ community and though the majority of our participants identify as LBGTQ+ individuals, we welcome any and all people who want to participate. The HIGFFL provides a welcoming community for anyone regardless of their age, race, ethnicity, gender or other personal traits. The HIGFFL does require that all persons abide by our strict zero tolerance policy, as it relates to sportsmanship and respecting the lifestyles of individual members, or they will promptly be removed from participation. As a member of the HIGFFL, you are voluntarily participating in a league that may and likely will subject you to publicity, especially in social media, whether wanted or unwanted, and moreover such publicity will likely relate to the LBGTQ+ community. This in no way implies that you will be labeled, outed, etc. however the HIGFFL cannot guarantee your anonymity nor the perception that may be associated with such participation.

How do I become a team captain?

There are currently no requirements for being a captain; however, coaching is a long and involved commitment that one should take very seriously. Captains typically attend every practice and game, as well as all of the extracurricular activities the league provides, including post-game social events, philanthropic events, captain’s meetings, field set-up and take down, as well the player draft. The HIGFFL will ultimately determine who will be selected as a captain from a pool of potential and qualified candidates. The board takes into consideration past experience in coaching, football knowledge, sportsmanship, league involvement and history, among other factors. If you wish to be a team captain, please contact the league with a brief description of your commitment and coaching acumen.

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